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McDonald Financial Group | IMA Preview Event Invitation


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The Knall Group, a McDonald Financial Group office in Indianapolis, underwrote the opening of the new Contemporary Gallery at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA). To celebrate its completion, they held a preview party in November 2005, before the “official” preview party hosted by the IMA. The invitation above went out Knall Group clients and friends, who could say that they had seen the gallery even before the museum members.

Since there was a demanding turnaround time, there was no time for photography. Nor did we want to use any imagery at all, so as to not compete with, or create expectations about the art in the gallery. Two striking colors printed on a standard paper (Cougar Opaque) kept costs within the budget and got the mailing out on time.

The design intent was to have the invitation be artistically-inclined, a.k.a.“cool.” The colors are striking, and very different than what McDonald Financial Group branding calls for, however, it does fit the brand’s conversational copy style and clean layout. Since it’s such a departure, design-wise, from the usual communications that Knall Group clients get in the mail, it was well received. The event drew over 300 people.



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