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The Adamas Company | Logo Design


The Adamas Company Logo




The Adamas Company wanted to both update and upgrade their image. They provide personalized wholesale diamond and fine jewelry brokerage services to high net worth individuals, typically men. We felt that the design for the company had to have the jewel imagery, had to imply style, and also had to make the company seem not only approachable but also trustworthy (which they are!). The calligraphic style of the text helps convey the personal nature of their service.

A significant part of their business is in insurance claims – replacing items lost or stolen. Because insurance agents refer their clients to Adamas, we didn't want to lose appeal with the more moderate insurance crowd. Conservative colors, a serif font, and a two-color solution allow us to "keep our wits about us," so to speak. The largest logo pictured is the version they chose. The smaller logos below were alternate ideas.



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