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Effective Selling Methods | Table Top Display


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Effective Selling Methods Table Top Display


Effective Selling Methods Inc.,based in Indianapolis, IN, is a training and consulting firm specializing in helping individuals and companies develop honest, straightforward sales and sales management skills.

I created this tabletop display for them so they can showcase their services at business venues such as Chamber after-hours and the like. It's three vinyl panels that velcro to a portable fold-up table display. Each panel is roughly 2 x 4 feet.

When they came to me, they had already identified the content for the piece. Since they give away bags of jelly beans to attendees at the various events, they wanted to play off that. The premise is that they can teach you to stop "spilling your beans," and that by being a trusted advisor to your clients you can help your clients achieve their goals, thereby achieving your own sales goals.

They are on the web at


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