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O3 Business Consulting | Services Brochure


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The O3 Business Consulting team came to me to create an identity for them — logo and stationery system, as well as sales materials. We had lots of discussion around color, fonts, whether or not we wanted imagery, whether imagery would convey the wide scope of projects they planned to offer.

In the end, we went with the rather traditional font with the European typographic flair that you see here. Its straight horizontal lines and all around simple geometry communicate that this team is right on the money and won't take you for a spin. The copy, written by one of their team, supports that promise.

The finished size of the brochure is 7-1/2 x 9 inches. The layout of the front and back covers was left intentionally skewed towards the right side. It was to be printed with a self-cover on paper that would fold easily in half the long way to fit inside a #10 envelope. We felt that this would keep costs down by preventing having to print a different-sized envelope, but still be a slightly different presentation than their audience would expect to receive.

Although they did move forward on their business cards and stationery, this piece was never printed. You will find them on the web at; I feel I must stress that I was not involved in their web site design.



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