Design = Communication.
Not fluff-trivial-cursory-trifling-silly.
The coolest, hottest, best communications will not spend more than three seconds in your target’s hand (or under the cursor) unless it’s legible. It’s gotta make sense. And that goes for everything from a simple postcard to a 100-page annual report, and, naturally, includes your web site.
So all those hours agonizing over “it’s” or “its” are wasted. And your goals, whatever they may have been, are down the drain.
Design allows you to get your message across. Design elements — colors, fonts, imagery, all of it — subconsciously layer upon one another to communicate, to spark ideas, convey information, sell, educate, inform, entertain.
But — no one is sold, educated, informed, or entertained if it doesn’t make sense.
And that’s what I can do for your project.

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