“There is so much to see in this world! I like to shoot the crazy and humorous, the dramatic and the ho-hum, create visual tension... to make pictures that didn’t start out how they finished. To me, this is what life is made of. Sometimes you have to wait and see how something is going to turn out. Be patient. Look for the details. Find beauty in the mundane. It’s rarely ”what-you-see-is-what-you-get.”

Dina Dembicki is a graphic designer and photographer. She offers broad experience in various production, design and management capacities for companies as diverse as KeyCorp, Penton Media and Peapod Digital Labs. From statement stuffers to tri-fold brochures, annual reports, hard-bound books, and packages of all kinds, she furnishes a lifetime of design solutions for her clients. Currently she is employed full time at Peapod Digital Labs, an Ahold Delhaize company, in Salisbury, NC, where she creates private brand packaging for all of AD’s Great Local Brands. Her work is seen in grocery stores up and down the East Coast. 
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